Historical perspectives on neurodevelopmental disorders: the merging of us and them

Gillian Shoychet Abstract Attitudes towards neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) have transformed and fluctuated throughout history, often reflecting the societal culture of the time. Although individuals with NDDs are presently more valued than they have ever been, there are historic and current perspectives and events which have propelled the study of NDDs in both positive and negative […]

Adolescent cancer patient referral patterns in British Columbia

Avril LiDownload PDF Abstract Recent studies have suggested that adolescent cancer may have better survival outcomes when treated at paediatric centres, which better emphasize enrolment in clinical trials and have more capacity to support the social and emotional needs of adolescents. This study investigated 616 cancer cases in adolescents aged 15-18 from 1995 to 2010 […]

Nanomedicine: the use of nanoparticles to treat acute traumatic spinal cord injuries

Peola EllisDownload PDF Abstract Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are difficult to treat without using traditional invasive methods that are not always precise or efficient. Traditional methods used to treat SCIs often involve targeting a broad area in close proximity to the specific locality of the injury as opposed to direct targeting. Recent studies suggest the […]

Variation in the efficacy of remote cameras used to monitor wildlife

Rachel PizanteDownload PDF Abstract Wildlife cameras allow conservation scientists to monitor wildlife. However, there are performance limitations associated with wildlife cameras that must be understood prior to their use. This study compared two wildlife camera models, the Spypoint Solar Trail and the Reconyx Hyperfire 2, on behalf of Calgary Captured, a collaborative project between the […]

Body dysmorphic disorder and face processing

Jacqueline Carhoun, Madeleine TopferDownload PDF Abstract Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder where an individual becomes so fixated on an exaggerated flaw in their image that it interferes with their daily lives. Current research shows that patients with BDD have deficits in visually processing faces and bodies, such that they rely on local […]

Identifying perceived loudness in audio signals

Bill S Lin, Wesley Fisher CJUR (2017) | Download PDF Abstract In processing audio, it can be helpful to have algorithms that can extract volume and loudness information. One application of this would be find-ing speech in long intervals of silence. Digital au-dio files, which contain raw information, may not represent how a human can […]

Exploring a novel approach to study self-esteem in children: An implicit model

Parky Hansen Lau CJUR (2017) | Download PDF Introduction To look at one’s self in the mirror and say, “I like who I am,” or, “I am worthwhile,” and to tru-ly mean it is not a simple task for most individu-als. Yet these subjective evaluations of our-selves – our self-esteem – are incredibly influential on […]

Longitudinal Analysis of the Spread of Happiness in Social Networks

Amanda Monteiro, Cody Lo, Maria Vas, Nicole Lee, Philip Yan, Taylor Reitmeier CJUR (2016) | Download PDF Introduction In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed an increasing emphasis on recognizing happiness as a vital component of health (Pronczuk-Garbino, 2005). However, there is a stark lack of research investigating how happiness is affected by those […]

Oxytocin-Induced Balance of Cortical Inhibition and Excitation Facilitates Behavioural Changes in Pup Retrieval by Mice

June Yue Dong CJUR (2016) Download PDF Abstract Across species, Oxytocin (OT) has been identified as a neuromodulator of social interactions and maternal behaviour. The timing, location, and method of how Oxytocin alters neural activity, however, are not well characterized. In order to elucidate Oxytocin’s mechanism of action, Marlin et al. (2015) investigated differences in […]