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Psychotomimetic to Mind-Manifesting: The Evolution of Psychedelics in Psychotherapy

Klaudia Szczech

Human use of psychedelic substances has been practiced for 5,700 years in social, religious, and medicinal applications alike. Early pharmacological study of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and other “classic psychedelics” psilocybin, mescaline, and N,Ndimethyltryptamine (DMT), suggested therapeutic potential for conditions such as anxiety and substance dependence. Additionally, research indicated that psychedelics were neither addictive nor toxic and appeared to produce several positive effects after a single dosing session. Criticism of methodological shortcomings, alongside cultural stigma and criminalization, ultimately curtailed further scientific investigation of psychedelics in …

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Special edition: AUSxURO Arts Research Award (2021)


This special edition of the Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research (CJUR) features the work of the winners of the inaugural Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) and Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) Arts Undergraduate Research Award. The seven winners of this award are undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia.