Figure 2

Fig. 2 Effects of antibiotic exposure on the total number of neurons in the myenteric plexus. Antibiotic exposure
significantly reduced the average number of total enteric neurons per field of view area (p=0.04, N=10-14 per group). (A)
In LMMP preparations (B) The reduction in the average number of total neurons as determined per myenteric plexus is
not significant in the antibiotic-exposed group (p=0.09, N=10-14 per group). (C) Representative microphotographs show‐
ing the distribution of HuR+
(green, pan-neuronal marker) neurons at 10X magnification in antibiotic-treated and control
mice. Scale bar = 0.75μm. Data are reported as mean ± SEM. * P < 0.05, significantly different from control.