Figure 1

Fig. 1 Effects of antibiotic exposure on the total number of enteric neurons per myenteric ganglia. Antibiotic treat‐
ment did not significantly reduce the average number of total enteric neurons per myenteric ganglia in comparison with
control mice. (A) Number of HuR+ neurons per myenteric ganglia in LMMP preparations of control and antibiotic-treated
mice determined by direct quantification at 40X magnification (p=0.21, N=10-16 per group). (B) Number of HuR+ neur‐
ons per myenteric ganglia determined by indirect quantification using 10X magnification data (p=0.44, N==8 per group).
(C) Representative microphotographs showing the distribution of HuR+
(green, pan-neuronal marker) neurons at 40X
magnification in antibiotic-treated and control mice. Scale bar = 0.25μm. Data are reported as mean ± SEM.